Get To Know Your 18 Yard Box!

If you are warming up before a practice or game, try to execute your shuffling, skipping, and jogging inside the 18 yard box, starting on the goal line and moving toward the top of the 18 yard box... either straight ahead or diagonally.  The more comfortable you are moving around the box, the more comfortable you will be coming off your line in a game.  

I once knew a high level goalkeeper who could tell you exactly how many steps it would take him to get from the middle of the goal to the corner of the 18.  Your decision making will definitely improve if you can perform various footwork drills inside the penalty area.  Use your imagination and simulate game conditions in your head as sprint to one corner, drop step and cross step back to the middle of the goal and then sprint somewhere else. It may look funny to an outsider, but it will make you a better goalkeeper... and that's really all that matters!

The Thursday April 28th session will incorporate a variety of footwork activities designed for this purpose.