Biography: Doug Smith
Doug Smith serves as the Director of Fitness for FC Alliance and oversees the training of all of our athletes and will personally be heavily involved training the U13-U15 age groups. Doug comes to FC Alliance with 12 years experience in the personal training profession and youth team performance development. Over the past three years, he has focused on a wide variety of youth sports and with athletes ranging in ages from 7 to 18 years of age. He holds several national certifications in the fitness profession with a specialization in youth performance training as well as a bachelor‟s degree in business administration.
Doug also has experience in other youth focused work within children‟s entertainment through his role as creator and a producer of the national televised animated series The Danger Rangers. Click here for a link to his film credits: http://www.fandango.com/douglassmith/overview/p559999
As with the younger players, Doug and his team will come on site to conduct team training for the U13 and above teams once per week. In addition, during the season, Doug and his team will make available additional sessions on weekends at The Field House at Amherst.
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