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 FC Alliance has developed a soccer specific fitness program designed to forge each player into a more well rounded and healthy athlete. The FCA Fitness Program focuses on five critical aspects of player development: Proper Nutrition, Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Performance Enhancement and Sports Psychology. 

 Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is the key to maximize sports performance.  It is the catalyst to improving all aspects of fitness--including injury prevention, performance enhancement, and sports psychology.  Proper and adequate nutrition addresses the right choices before, during, and after exercise, as well as the best choices for everyday wellness.  Our athletes must eat high-quality foods in order to produce high-quality athletic results. 

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation is meant to allow our athletes to return to pre injury form safely and as quickly as possible.  The key to sports injury situations is to properly assess the area of concern and then apply the proper treatment protocols.  These protocols are designed to take an athlete through a progression that will get him or her to their maximum rehab potential as timely and as safely as possible. 

 Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is achieved through not only exercises to help with soft tissue support but also recommendations to improve total body flexibility, and proper mechanics across various physical movements. Special attention will be given to ACL/MCL strength and conditioning; especially for our female athletes who are eight to ten times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than their male counterparts.

 Performance Enhancement 

Performance Enhancement training addresses several areas of physical improvement of our athletes according to age and individual capability.  These several areas of physical improvement will include strength, power, flexibility, speed, agility, quickness, stamina and endurance.  Building a solid foundation is paramount and training an athlete to master his or her own bodyweight across all exercises must be achieved before advancing into more complex resistance training. 

 Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology as related to our youth athletes, address topics concerning competitiveness, concentration, bullying, coping with mistakes and fear of failure, teamwork, stress and nerves, self-esteem, and self confidence to name a few. In addition to helping improve the mindset of the youth athletes, educational tools are available to help both coaches and parents with communication and behavioral skills.  





Douglas Smith
Director of Fitness 
U12 - U18
865-640-3008  dsmith@fcallianceknox.org


Luke Pfleger
Fitness Trainer U12 - U18


Wendy Nicole Hill
Fitness Trainer U12 - U18



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