Travel Competitive Program




The FC Alliance Travel Competitive Program is a competitive soccer program designed for Boys and Girls aged U9-U18.  The FC Alliance Travel Program provides a positive environment for players that demonstrate the necessary talent, skill, commitment and good sportsmanship to continue to develop and compete at the highest levels at the state, regional and national levels. 

Our travel program requires additional practice and conditioning, as well as travel to local, regional or out-of-state tournaments, for players and their families. Teams compete at various levels depending upon the competitive needs of the players involved. 

Travel teams are formed in the spring of each year through open tryouts and evaluations. Players are accepted to their team for a one year (12-month) commitment beginning July 1 to June 30th the following year.

FC Alliance Directors, assign players to a level and then to a team based on age, ability and skill level at tryouts. A review of the prior season’s performance, player skill, attitude, performance and potential will also be considered. However, selection to a team one year does not guarantee selection in subsequent years and players are expected to continue to develop and earn that distinction each year.

Players not selected for a specific competitive travel team will be considered for placement in either the Academy Select Program (local competitive program) or the Academy Program (instructional). The Academy Select Program offers a competitive program for higher level players who would like to continue to work on their skills, or for those who cannot or do not wish to commit to the year-round demands of travel soccer.  For more information, please visit

The Travel Program is not for every child or every family, but what players and families who make the commitment find is that they improve their skills and confidence by leaps and bounds, they make new friends and they have a lot of fun. Winning is the objective of our Travel teams, however it is not the ultimate measure of success.

Parents need to think about whether their child is ready for the experience. If the answer is yes, the child will learn that success does not come easy, that hard work does pay off and that winning is not everything. These are life lessons that we all must learn, and travel soccer is a good way to learn them.




FC Alliance will field minimum of three (3) teams per age group. Team levels are distinguished by color:  Gold, Red or Black; with the black level teams consisting of the best players in an age group. As players develop, Directors reserve the right to promote players to participate on higher level teams. 


Age Group/Game Format

Age Group  

Team Formats


6v6 and 8v8


8v8 and 11v11 (higher level teams)




Team Levels & Levels of Play

Team Level 

Level of Play


NPL, State & Regional Play, TSSA Division 1 & 2 State Tournament, Winner of TSSA DI State Tournament may advance to Region III Southern Regional’s as the TN State Champion Representative


Playing in the TSSA  Division 2 State Tournament


Playing in the TSSA Division 3 State Tournament


If there are enough players in an age group with ability to compete at the Gold, Red or Black level to form additional teams, the club will attempt to do so (i.e. Red 1 and Red 2), however, there is no guarantee that a second or third team will be selected. 



  • U9-U18 Boys & Girls
  • Players Must Pre-Register & Pay $100 Evaluation Fee (applied to Club Fees once placed on team, or refunded if player does not play)
  • Players Must Attend Tryouts/Evaluation & Team Placement Sessions
  • Club Fees Vary by Program Level
  • Team Fees will Vary by Team
  • All Players will be Registered with TSSA
  • All players required to purchase the official FC Alliance Uniform Kit (not included in Club Fees)
  • All players expected to wear FC Alliance practice jerseys (not included in Club Fees, but included with PreSeason Camp) - 1st Practice: Wear Red, 2nd Practice: Wear Black
  • All Competitive players are expected to participate in PreSeason Camp
  • Players are highly encouraged to participate in the Summer League and Winter Futsal League



  • One year (12-month) Membership Commitment (July 1 – June 30)
    • Fall Training Season                 Aug 1 – Nov 30
    • Spring Training Season            Feb 1 – May 31
    • High School Players (Girls)      Nov 1 – May 31 (when training for leagues/events- weather permitting)
    • High School Players (Boys)     Aug 1 – Jan 31 (when training for leagues/events- weather permitting)
  • Practices will be held 2x per week
  • Players will participate in 1-3 Games per Week
  • Recommended Skills Training  Available Throughout the Year
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) included in Club Fees and provided by Next Level Fitness


  • Soccer Ball (U7-U12: Size 4, U13+: Size 5)  
  • Black Athletic Shorts
  • Practice Jersey for Weekly Practices (Gray 1st Practice/White 2nd Practice)
  • FC Alliance Uniform to Games
  • Black Socks - Must Cover Shin Guards
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Water or Sports Drink - No Carbonated Drinks



To play for FC Alliance, each player must complete the online regstration and submit the information listed below .  

  • Permission to Roster (generated on line)
  • Medical Release Form  (generated on line)
  • Order Uniform Kit (team manager will provide information)
  • Copy of Player Birth Certificate (give to team manager)
  • 1"x1" Headshot Photo of Player for Registration Card  (give to team manager)

To be considered for financial aid, please complete FC Alliance Financial Aid Form that can also be found in our Download Center.  Any players requesting financial aid for the Fall and/or Spring season must complete and submit the Financial Aid application by August 1 (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Please note the Club has a limited budget set aside to accommodate these requests, funds will be awarded based on need and eligibility. All applications are reviewed discretely.

Players participating in the Travel Program must recognize that the players’ and coaches’ commitment to FC Alliance and to each other is for the full soccer year (Fall and Spring seasons), and must abide by the financial terms outlined below to play with FC Alliance.

Competitive players have two payment options available. They may either pay in full or abide by the installment plan outlined below.  Club fees can be paid by check or credit card as follows: 


All Competitive Players  & HS Boys

High School Girls

·         PreRegistration:  Due May 31

·         Payment in Full:  Due August 1


·         Installment Plan:

         Payment 1- Due Aug 1

         Payment 2- Due Sept 30

         Payment 3- Due Nov 1


·         PreRegistration:  Due May 31

·         Payment in Full:  Due Nov 1     


·         Installment Plan:

         Payment 1- Due Nov 1

         Payment 2- Due Dec 31

         Payment 3- Due Feb 1



A late fee of $25 will apply to any payment received past the due date. A failure to fulfill the financial obligations will result in the suspension of your son’s/daughter’s eligibility to play with FC Alliance until all payments and applicable late fees are current.



Select Teams            


U8-U9  Pay Bi-Annually- Fall and Spring

No Tryout Deposit Needed      
  Black   Red   Gold/White/North    
U8 $275 Fall $275 Spring $275 Fall $275 Spring $275 Fall $275 Spring    
U9 $325 Fall $325 Spring $315 Fall $315 Spring $300 Fall $300 Spring    
U10-U18 Pay Annually- season includes Fall and Spring 3 installment payment plan available
    Fees listed include the $100 tryout deposit paid at tryouts    
  Black   Red   Gold      
U10 $790   $740   $700      
U11 $950   $950   $900      
U12 $980   $980   $930      
  D1    D2   D3      
U13 $1,130   $1,130   $1,000      
U14 $1,130   $1,130   $1,000      
U15 $900   $830   $660      
U16 $900   $830   $660      
U17 $900   $830   $660      
U18 $900   $830   $660  



All parents and coaches are expected to follow the FC Alliance Codes of Conduct and will behave in a professional and good sportsmanlike manner at all FC Alliance games, practices, and tournaments.  

Anger towards opposing team coaches and players and referees will not be tolerated. All questions concerning playing time and player performance should be directed to the players coach in a proper and non-confrontational manner in a scheduled appointment.

FC Alliance maintains the right to suspend or dismiss any individual who do not comply with its published policies and procedures manual.



FC Alliance Directors


Jon Schneider

Director of Soccer Operations/ Boys DOC 


Josh Gray

Girls Director of Coaching





Fil Leander

Girls Director of Coaching U8-U11





Brad Camp 

Boys Director of Coaching U8-U11