FC Alliance Now Offering 3v3 Winter Soccer

All games to be played indoors at The Field House

FC Alliance Now Offering 3v3 Winter Soccer

It’s no secret that soccer players love 3v3.  With the recent explosion of 3v3 tournaments, this format of the game has been fueled by heavy interest from all ages.  Many FC Alliance players have participated in a 3v3 event over the last year, ranging from GotSoccer 3v3, World Futbol Tour 3v3, and the wildly popular annual Disney World 3v3 tournament.  Teams are generally organized by parents, and the club fully supports and encourages participation.  This winter, the club will offer a 3v3 Winter League at The Field House, which will follow official 3v3 rules. 

Playing indoors on the turf will be a welcome break from the cold winter temperatures.  It will also be a great way to improve during the offseason.

"3v3 is a great way to build skills," said Academy Director Darrick Lubell.  "It encourages players to play fast and skillful.  It really improves your touch, but also quickness."

One of the biggest proponents of 3v3 is FC Alliance Director of Coaching Josh Gray.  He recently stated at a coaching meeting that he wished every player was the type of gym rat in the offseason as many of the former club greats were.

"Our best of the best were always playing," he stated.  "Indoor, outdoor, 6v6, 3v3... it didn’t matter."

Gray stated that players should be encouraged to participate as it reinforces so many skills which will benefit them outdoors.

"It improves technical skills, it fine tunes combination play and it really reinforces defensive principles with first, second and third defender," he added.

Teams can register online at http://tn-fcallianceknox.affinitysoccer.com/reg/index.asp?sessionguid=