FC Alliance Shines at 3v3 Kick It Finals

Four teams place high in Disney World event

When FC Alliance hosted a Kick It 3v3 regional event last June at the US Cellular Soccer Complex, most figured it would be nothing more than a local event to keep players busy over the summer.  When the event was finished, a lot of FC Alliance players were thrilled with their finishes... but also hungry for more.  That led to a number of teams packing their bags this past weekend and heading to Walt Disney World for the annual Kick It 3v3 World Championships.  After a couple of days under the sun against fierce national competition, four FC Alliance teams emerged with outstanding results.

The highest finisher was the 05 Boys.  The cheeky little group advanced all the way to the finals, claiming second place and a nice heaping of notoriety for the club.  They were followed by the 99 Girls and 00 Girls, who both claimed third place finishes.  The 01 Girls took fifth place.

For teams interested this year, there will be regionals in Knoxville on the weekend of July 20-21.