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Rainy, Fun Weekend for FC Alliance
March 6, 2011: One champion, two semifinalists at Vulcan Cup

The rain came in bunches throughout the South, but games in Knoxville and Birmingham went on as scheduled.  The 01 Boys Black won the Vulcan Cup, winning four straight games over teams from four different states: Alabama, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  The 99 Blue 1 and 00 Boys Pool 1 were both semifinalists, each coming within a goal of making the finals. 

On Saturday, a series of friendly games between the 00/01 girls and the Murfreesboro Soccer Club were moved to the dry turf of Johnny Long’s Training Academy.  The field is big enough where the 8v8 format could still be played, resulting in some outstanding games.  Four matches between six different teams avoided the wrath of Mother Nature on the covered field.  Although Sunday PRSL games have been canceled, a long list of games were played Saturday.  Teams from as far as Johnson City battled it out at US Cellular, as the complex held up surprisingly well.  FC Alliance teams playing in the Vulcan Cup are still vying for championships.  Even though field conditions are making it difficult to play quality soccer, a number of teams have had huge success.   Teams still in the running for titles include: 00 Boys Pool 1, 01 Boys Black, and 99 Boys Blue.

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