FC Alliance Teams Competing for State

May is always an exciting month for club soccer.  Not only do clubs conduct tryouts, but their teams gear up for the state tournament.  This year, for the first time, both Division 2 boys and girls will compete in the Spring.  In years past, the Division 2 boys state tournament has been held in November.  This means more buzz around the club as more teams are trying to carve out their place in FC Alliance history.  Many teams have already qualified, and others are close.  Shane Moore’s 99 Girls Black are one of those teams who are close.  Right now, they have a spot in the finals, but there is one more round of state league games to be played and anything can happen.  Paulo Neto’s 98 Boys Black have already qualified, although they still have another game to play.  The defending state champions have outscored four opponents 36-3.  Also, the 98 Boys Red can claim a spot in the state finals if they win or tie their last game.

Another team to watch is 98 Girls Black.  They currently are in, but they have two more games to play.  The 94 Girls Gold have three more games to play, but they also are currently in after an April 10 win over Camp Forest.  On the boys side, the 99 Boys Black have a #1 seed in the state finals tournament.  They won all four state league games, including a decisive 4-1 win on April 17 against #2 seed Chattanooga United. 

Finally, from Fall 2010 competition, the 97 Boys Red have qualified as a #2 seed.


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