98 Girls Red Win MaxPlay Turf Cup
Team goes unbeaten in Asheville tournament


Carrie Ollom’s 98 Girls Red 1 team started training for the spring season almost as soon as the fall ended.  After a heartbreaking November loss in the finals of the CESA tournament, the team was thirsty to get right back out on the field.  The problem was the ten weeks of "offseason" spanning the winter holidays.  However, instead of sitting around waiting, they dedicated their break to training.  The payoff turned out to be huge, as the team captured a championship in their first tournament of the new season.


Anxious for redemption, the 98 Red 1 participated in the MaxPlay Turf Cup in Asheville, North Carolina on the weekend of January 28-29.  Although they opened the tournament with two wins, the team was not happy with the overall quality of their performance.  The team used Saturday night to regroup and remember their winter commitment.  Not wanting to end the tournament on a chilly Sunday morning, the team pulled off an impressive 4-0 shutout to punch their ticket to the finals.  Another 4-0 win several hours later and the team laid claim to the championship medals.

For the tournament, Ollom’s team outscored opponents by a combined score of 11-1.  Next up is a focus on the state tournament.  The team has approximately four months to prepare for a run at a prestigious state title.