FC Alliance Hosting World Futbol Tour
Local qualifiers for 3v3 and 6v6 to be held in Knoxville

The World Futbol Tour is coming to Knoxville.  FC Alliance has signed an agreement to host a qualifier for the prestigious national event on June 30, 2012 at the US Cellular Soccer Complex.  What makes it especially exciting is that the national "World Cup" event will be held in Mooresville, North Carolina.  This means that local champions can feasibly attend the main event, which will be held July 28-30.  The formats are based on age.  Youth soccer teams will play 3v3, while adults will play 6v6. 

Youth divisions will include ages U6-U14 and high school divisions.  For adults, there are men’s, women’s and COED divisions.

Link to 3v3 site: http://soccer.sincsports.com/TTIntro7.aspx?tid=TZ7248

Link to 6v6 site: http://soccer.sincsports.com/TTMore.aspx?tid=TZ7256&tab=2&sub=1&Qual=MISC&Seq=3