Pilot Regional Soccer League Begins
League attracts clubs throughout East Tennessee

When you go back two years and examine the beginnings of the Pilot Regional Soccer League, you see mostly FC Alliance teams who played low key weekend games at the US Cellular Soccer Complex.  The quality of soccer was always good, but there wasn’t a tremendous amount of variety in the opponents.  Fast forward to the present day and you see a completely different product.  Clubs spanning from Knoxville to Johnson City are participating in what has grown into an enormous league.  The 6v6 division has an astounding 32 teams, while the 8v8 and 11v11 have 25 each.  Weekend soccer in Knoxville is now thriving, as FC Alliance coaches look forward to supplementing their tournament schedules with quality league play. 

Link to league: http://www.prsltn.com/TTIntro7.aspx?tid=PRSL