FC Alliance Joins National Premier League
U13-U14 teams to play in US Club South Atlantic League

FC Alliance has accepted an invitation to join the prestigious US Club National Premier League.  On June 1, US Club announced the creation of the South Atlantic Premier League, a new division of the NPL.  FC Alliance was one of a handful of clubs offered a spot, and the club quickly accepted.  The league offers players greater exposure to opportunities to play soccer beyond the club level.  For 2012-2013, 00 Black and 99 Black teams will compete in the NPL with five of the region’s strongest clubs: Atlanta Fire United, Augusta Arsenal, Charlotte United, Roanoke Stars and Triangle United.

Read the entire story here: http://www.usclubsoccer.org/main.aspx?sec_id=19&guid=6ee594b0-04c7-4686-85b7-247b1e068517