A Letter from the President
Beginning a New Season

My name is Rob LeBoeuf and I will serve as President on the FC Alliance Board of Directors for our new fiscal year. As we close out the 2013 fiscal year and enter the new soccer season, we have several items we believe are important to communicate to all of our membership.  


Many of you attended or called into our annual meeting in February. If you missed it, this information will be even more important for you to understand. We have much to share and many efforts under way as we move closer and closer to accomplishing our mission. Click here to see Our Mission. 


Our Board make-up for our new fiscal year (July 2013 through June 2014) is as follows: 

Board Officers

  • Rob LeBoeuf- President                                                              
  • Daniel Jeanette-Vice President
  • Karen Mann- Treasurer
  • Leigh Ann Fuller- Secretary

Board Members

  • Leslie Elmore
  • Craig Schupp
  • Jon Schneider 


We want to thank Mike Hamil, Todd Olson, Chris Bishop and David Clothier for their tireless service in furthering soccer in east Tennessee and specifically the establishment and development of our Club to date, as their terms end. They have been instrumental, along with our coaching Directors, in building a strong foundation of values and processes that will ensure our ability to provide soccer opportunity for our coaches and players for years to come.


Most of our outgoing Board members will continue to be involved in our Club in various ways. For example, David Clothier will continue to serve as a member of our financial committee in support of our new treasurer Karen Mann. We believe continuity is important and to that end, we have established committees of the Board to engage experts who can help in complex or specialized areas and as a means of creating a selection pool for future Board members.


We have also made some changes to our Coaching Director responsibilities and added two additional people as administrators to provide points of contact for our members. Click here for Coaching Director Organizational Chart.   We believe that by adding these resources and streamlining our organizational structure, we can better respond to the needs of our members and provide better oversight for each of our programs. Click here for program listing. You may have noticed Jon Schneider is now a member of the Board of Directors. This bridges the Board to the Coaching Directors and allows our soccer operations leader to have direct access and input to our Board of Directors.


The results of the 2013 Membership Survey are in; they have provided us with excellent feedback. We believe as the Board and Coaching Directors review the results we will be better able to plan resources for next fiscal year and budget what we will need for continuing our positive momentum. Thank you so much for giving us your candid and honest opinions and thoughts. It is impressive that close to 30% of our membership provided feedback. Most surveys generate responses that are closer to 10% of the represented constituency, so we are pleased with your engagement and desire to help us make consistent improvement in our Club. Honest feedback can sometimes be a bit painful but if we keep or minds open and all work together, it can be the insight we need to properly direct our effort. The great news is that the improvements outweigh the opportunities by about 2 to 1 with the reality being that we have places where we can become much better as an organization. Click here for summary slides from the 2013 survey. 


For the upcoming season, we have made changes to selection options for the type of teams in the U-8 through U-11 age ranges. We have reorganized the choices based on the expectations for travel distance and training frequency. We believe this will allow you to more specifically tailor the soccer experience as your player develops his or her skills at the younger ages. Click here for Team Structure Overview. Current Black, Red, and Gold teams will have no changes to structure and will operate as usual with our coaches continuing to place players according to their abilities just as they have in previous seasons.


Placement starts next week and this open period is always a critical one for clubs as they look to build their teams for the upcoming season. Because of our success and depth of player talent, we deal with other clubs in hot pursuit of our players at many levels. When you look at the numbers over the last three years, you see that FC Alliance has sent more kids to college and put more teams into State finals than all of the other clubs in East Tennessee combined.  The general assumption is that most of the success involves FC Alliance Black teams but amazingly, FC Alliance Red and Gold teams have put more kids into college soccer than any other club in East Tennessee has with all their players combined. Click the link to read the “Why FC Alliance Red or Gold” story from the website http://www.fcallianceknox.org/home/719752.html.


After the capital improvement projects this past year associated with our Amherst facility, we will take this year to begin formulating a strategic plan to determine the best course of action and timing to systematically upgrade our existing facilities. There are many projects to undertake but we believe that we need to have the discipline and fiscal responsibility to be able to pay for each item as we have funds. As most of you now, we are a non-profit (501-3c) organization and all of our funds are used to pay for our various programs and secure and maintain our facilities. We are currently in the budgeting process for the fiscal year that starts in July. Fee changes for next year will be out soon but you can expect a small increase in fees to cover basic cost of living increases for our coaches and any other budget related needs. As always, we will do our best to keep the fees low and because of our number of members will continue to be lower than other clubs but with better opportunity. Click here to review our Financial Overview.


The Board of Directors, Coaching Directors and countless volunteers that make up the workforce of our Club will continue to do all we can to provide you with the best soccer experience, player development and opportunity in East Tennessee. With your help and continued support, we can win in every way.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our venues throughout the season or at one of our team placement events in the next couple of weeks.


On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Coaches of FC Alliance, thank you all for the roles you play in our Club and for supporting your players and coaches.


Best Regards, 

Rob LeBoeuf