FC Alliance Announces Structural Changes
Directors shifting roles to accommodate club growth

FC Alliance directors will have different roles next year as the club continues to evolve.  Jon Schneider will take the role of Boys Director of Coaching for U11-U19 travel teams, and Josh Gray will be the Girls Director of Coaching for U11-U19 travel teams.  The two have primarly worked with older teams, but will now expand their reach into younger age groups.  Darrick Lubell will take the director role for all U10 and younger boys travel teams, while Filip Leander will be the director for all U10 and younger girls teams.  Lubell will continue to oversee all local soccer. The idea is to divide up responsibilities more evenly, and allow our Directors to work with more coaches, and players. 

"We want directors to be very accessible to coaches and parents," stated Schneider.  "We have an excellent staff, so we want to be able to provide them the support they need so our teams can excel even further."

By dividing up responsibilities, it will allow directors to take a more hands-on approach.

"Developing great players takes a team effort," commented Gray.  "The more resources we can give a team, and players, the better they will become."

FC Alliance tryouts begin May 19 and the structural changes will be installed by then.