Seven Girls Teams at Division 1 State Tourney
Four are #1 seeds, three are defending champions

Seven of the nine girls teams from the Knoxville area who have qualified for the Division 1 state finals are FC Alliance squads and things are starting to get exciting as the weekend approaches.  Three FC Alliance teams- 99G Black, 97G Black and 96G Black 1- enter the tournament holding #1 seeds. Those three teams are defending state champions.  The 99 Girls Black enter as Midwest Regional League champions, while the 97 Girls Black bring their Region 3 finalist honors to the table. The 96G Black 1, are Regional Quarter-Finalists, and 4 time State Champions, and the 01G, and 00G Black enter the tournament as State League Champions.  The 98G Black are also ready to make a run after a great spring season.

"We're ready," commented Girls Director of Coaching Josh Gray.  "The teams and coaches have put in a lot of effort, it's time to play."

Only the U12 Girls aren't competiting at the Division 1 state finals, as it is still 8v8 for U12 at the state level and FC Alliance's top squad played 11v11 this year.  From U13-U18, the club has a team in every division, and even two in the Division 1 U18 state finals.

"We will have a heavy presence," added Gray.  "We know we have the quality to make a major impact on the tournament."

In Division 2, the 99 Girls Red will be gearing up for a title chase.  They play at 10:00AM CST on Saturday morning.

You can follow the state tournament here: http://www.tnsoccer.org/events/tennessee_state_championships/