Signing Day Success for FC Alliance

Players sign with SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big East, C-USA

Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Marshall, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh.... the list seems almost surreal, and that is just a sampling of the many great colleges who signed FC Alliance players on national signing day.  For the second conseuctive year, the fruits of the players’ and coaches’ labor shone bright on the biggest day of the recruiting year.  34 FC Alliance players inked their names to college scholarships, putting the grand total to over 70 in the last two years.  Represented were, amongst others, the SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 12 and Conference USA.

One of the signees is Kathryn Culhane, who inked with the hometown Tennessee Lady Volunteers.  Culhane marks the third consecutive year an FC Alliance players has signed with Tennessee.    

"Kathryn is a very technial, athletic player," said Lady Vol assistant coach Joe Malia.  "We look forward to her arrival on campus in August, and feel as though as she has the potential for a bright future in our program."

Culhane isn’t the only FC Alliance player heading to the SEC.  She is joined by high school teammate Erika Miller, who signed with the Arkansas.  

"Erika is a player we are very excited about," Lady Razorbacks Head Coach Colby Hale told media.  "She can play anywhere.  She has good pace, reads the game well and is comfortable on the ball."

The parade of SEC players continues with Laura Foster, who made things official with Vanderbilt.  Foster recently explained to ESPN why she choose Vanderbilt: "I really liked everything about Vanderbilt.  It’s one of the top schools in the country and they have a great soccer program playing in the SEC.  I saw where the SEC is sending eight schools to the NCAA tournament this year."

In his signing day press release, Commodere Head Coach Derek Greene (who once coached for FC Alliance root club Impact), stated that all of his five signees are good enough to step on the field from the day they step on campus.

Mark Mishu officially signed to the same school his brother Luke plays for: Notre Dame.  The elder Mishu started this past year for the Fighting Irish, who were at times ranked #1 nationally and won the Big East tournament.  Despite having a brother on the team, Mark is a very different player according to Notre Dame Head Coach Bobby Clark.  The coach sees him as more of an attacking player.  However, there are also some glaring similarities.

"Like Luke, Mark is a very good athlete," Coach Clark stated.  "Mark has a nice feel for the game.  He has a nice touch on the ball and nice vision."

Ben Holt, who gained state noteriety as eighth grader by starting for state champions CAK, signed with Marshall.   Holt will join longtime FC Alliance teammate Bijan Gloston who inked with the Thundering Herd last year.  CAK teammate Ryan Creel, who plays for the 95 Boys Black, signed with Kentucky.

           List of signees and their FC Alliance coaches: 

           Alli Gale- MTSU (Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Megan Camfield- Tennessee Wesleyan (Chad Stocton)

           Jona Charles- Truett McConnell (Chad Stocton)

           Haven Leland- Western Carolina (Josh Gray)

           Trey Gill- South Carolina (Jon Schneider)

           Emily Masten-Amherst College (Josh Gray)

           Keagan McCoy- Texas (Filip Leander, Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Mark Mishu- Notre Dame (Filip Leander, John Craven)

           Rebecca Buchanan- Milligan (Chad Stocton)

           Martha Dinwiddie- Sewanee (Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Meg Howard- Belmont (Josh Gray)

           Shelby Todd- Western Kentucky (Josh Gray)

           Morgan Key-Adams- UAB (Josh Gray)

           Laura Foster- Vanderbilt (Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Micki Dye- Tennessee Tech (Josh Gray)

           Suddy Hutchins- ETSU (Josh Gray, John Craven)

           Marci Carter- University of Pittsburgh (Josh Gray)

           Sidney Bailey- Milligan College (Chad Stocton)

           Timbra Delaney- Virginia Intermont (Chad Stocton)

           Ryan Creel- Kentucky (Josh Gray, John Craven)

           Heather Murphy- Austin Peay (Russell Stewart, Mike MacClean, Josh Gray)

           Kathryn Culhane- Tennessee (Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Ellie Myrick- UT Martin (Russell Stewart, Mike MacClean, Josh Gray)

           Natalie Smith- Austin Peay State University (Josh Gray)

           Ben Holt- Marshall (Filip Leander, Jon Schneider)

           Erika Miller- Arkansas (Josh Gray)

           Grace Stewart- MTSU (Josh Gray)

           Brianna Avitabile- Austin Peay (Josh Gray)

           Summer Lanter-Lee University (Josh Gray)

           Katie Emig- Austin Peay (Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Merritt Monger- Austin Peay (Filip Leander, Jon Schneider, Shane Moore, Josh Gray)

           Blair Barker- Jacksonville State (Jon Schneider, Josh Gray)

           Mackenzie Kastner- Savannah College (Josh Gray)